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Limited to: The George Byers Collection of U. S. Half Dollars, 1795-1964 United States Half Dollars United States Liberty Seated Half Dollar Groups
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Categories  •  Stack's October 2006 New York The George Byers Collection of U. S. Half Dollars, 1795-1964 United States Half Dollars United States Liberty Seated Half Dollar Groups
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Lot # Description GradeView our Explanation of Comparative Grading Hammer Price
1288 1839 With Drapery. WB.102 CH EF $350.00

Choice Extremely Fine and bordering on About Uncirculated. Some lustre survives and light gray save for dark russet around the reverse edge; 1840'O' WB.102. Very Small Mintmark. A strong Extremely Fine or better, but signs of a past gentle cleaning. An impressive early pair from this wonderful collection. 2 pieces.
1289 1840''O'' (No Mintmark) WB.101. Medium Letters G $150.00

Good. While actually struck at the New Orleans Mint, there is no mintmark on this coin, as the original 1839 Capped Bust die sported an obverse mintmark which was paired with this particular reverse die. Nevertheless, the upstart New Orleans Mint used this leftover reverse die in 1840; as no mintmark was added to this reverse die, and the new Liberty Seated obverses were similarly lacking a mintmark, this...  more
1290 1842 WB.104 Medium Date AU $260.00

A strong Extremely Fine, approaching About Uncirculated. A couple of minor rim marks on the reverse above UNITED. Delicate russet toning over steel gray; 1846'O' WB.101. Medium, Normal Date. Extremely Fine and approaching About Uncirculated. Attractive toning and surfaces. 2 pieces.
1291 1843 WB.101 VF to EF $150.00

Very Fine to Extremely Fine in terms of wear, but cleaned long ago and there is a field mark left of Liberty's arm; 1843'O' WB.101. Fine to Very Fine, but lightly cleaned; 1846 WB.101. Medium Date. Fine to Very Fine, but cleaned. 3 pieces.
1292 1844 WB.101 CH VF $150.00

Fine, nicely toned but there are pin scratches behind the eagle's head; 1847 WB.101. Choice Very Fine, steel gray and pleasing; 1848'O' WB.101. A strong Very Fine, with light gold toning and a sharp strike. 3 pieces.
1293 1845 WB.101 EF $280.00

Extremely Fine, with average surface marks expected, but lustrous; 1845'O' WB.108. Doubled Date Left. Extremely Fine and steel gray with attractive surfaces. An excellent coin for the grade with a boldly doubled date; 1858'O' WB.101. Extremely Fine, although a couple of minor dark specks are present. A good collector group. 3 pieces.
1294 1846 WB.101. Medium Date AU $360.00

A strong About Uncirculated, but lightly cleaned. Still lustrous and bright with a touch of peripheral gold. Sharply struck with several thin die cracks on the reverse; 1849'O' WB.101. About Uncirculated, but lightly cleaned with resulting hairlines. A small reverse nick at the 1:00 position adds to the value mix, offset by bulbuous rim cuds and a die crack through the 'F' of OF, both of which...  more
1295 1847'O' WB.101 AB EF $200.00

Detail of about Extremely Fine, but lightly cleaned. Steel gray with a trace of russet near the rim; 1853'O' Arrows & Rays. WB.101. Very Fine, but lightly cleaned and a trifle dull, retoning with russet on the reverse; 1855'O' Arrows. Very Fine to Extremely Fine, lightly cleaned and now nicely toned with blues and golds. 3 pieces.
1296 1849'O' WB.101 EF $220.00

Extremely Fine or better, but signs of an old cleaning; 1857'O' WB.102. Errant Date in Rock. A strong Very Fine, but wiped long ago and warped by an edge mark which has been repairedat the 3:00 position on the reverse; 1867'S' WB.101. Detail of Extremely Fine or finer, but noticeably cleaned. 3 pieces.
1297 1853'O' Arrows & Rays. WB.101 AB EF $175.00

Detail of about Extremely Fine, but buffed to simulate lustre. Later die state; 1854'O' Arrows. WB.101. Very Fine, but lightly cleaned. Dark gray starting to form around the periphery; 1856'O' WB.104. Slightly repunched 6. Extremely Fine or better, but the obverse is slightly rough from a past enhancement which left the surfaces a tad dull. Steel gray. 3 pieces.
1298 1856 WB.103. Spiked 1 F to VF $130.00

Fine, light gray with russet on the reverse periphery; 1858 WB.101. Fine, lightly cleaned in the past; 1859 WB.102. Fine to Very Fine, but cleaned. Still a decent lot as the cleaning evidence is minimal. 3 pieces.
1299 1856 WB.101 AU $300.00

About Uncirculated, but subtly cleaned and exhibiting two minor planchet streaks on the reverse; 1857 WB.103. Errant Date in Rock. About Uncirculated, but the color has been brightened and there are scattered circulation marks. 2 pieces.
1300 1858 WB.101 CH EF $170.00

Choice Extremely Fine and attractive; 1861 WB.101. About Extremely Fine, light gray with clean surfaces; 1877'S' WB.101. Extremely Fine, but for minor pin scratches meandering over the reverse. 3 pieces.
1301 1858'O' WB.101 VF $130.00

Very Fine or nearly so. Dark gray and pleasing; 1865'S' WB.103. Repunched '1'. Fine to Very Fine, also dark gray; 1871'S' WB.101. Very Fine, light gray. 3 pieces.
1302 1860 WB.101 EF to AU $350.00

Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated, signs of an old cleaning but attractively toned today; 1864 WB.101. Normal Date. A sharp Extremely Fine, interesting rim crumbling around the right side of the obverse; 1865'S' WB.101. Very Fine, cleaned long ago, dark gray today. 3 pieces.
1303 1860'O' WB.102. ''Weird Vertical Stripes in Shield.'' AU $220.00

About Uncirculated, but cleaned. Light silver and sharply struck, it appears that die rust on the eagle and shield was partially corrected by the engraver who re-engraved the shield lines. Pin scratch in the right obverse field; 1869 WB.101. Extremely Fine, but cleaned and displaying average surfaces. The reverse is retoning with mottled gold; 1876'CC' WB.101. Small Mintmark. Very Fine to Extremely...  more
1304 1861'S' WB.101. Large Mintmark EF $200.00

Extremely Fine, but lightly cleaned; 1868'S' WB.101. Very Fine, cleaned and retoned with fingerprint patterns; 1871'S' WB.101. Fine to Very Fine, but cleaned. A lovely trio of 'S' mint Half Dollars. 3 pieces.
1305 1863 WB.101 VF $140.00

Fine. Cleaned long ago, although minimally distracting; 1863'S' WB.102. Broken Mintmark. Very Fine, slightly washed out from cleaning; 1868'S' WB.101. Fine, evidence of old cleaning. 3 pieces.
1306 1871 WB.101 AU $140.00

Extremely Fine nearly About Uncirculated but lightly cleaned and the surfaces are a trifle rough; 1875 WB.101. About Uncirculated, lightly cleaned and with clusters of nicks at the top of the obverse and above the eagle's head. 2 pieces.
1307 1874 Arrows. WB.102. Large Arrows AU $400.00

Extremely Fine or thereabouts, gently polished some time ago, nicely toned today; 1877 'CC' WB.102. Medium Mintmark, Open Bud. About Uncirculated, and just about perfect color if you like gold, green and russet toning. 2 pieces.
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