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Limited to: The George Byers Collection of U. S. Half Dollars, 1795-1964 United States Half Dollars United States Early Half Dollar Groups
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Categories  •  Stack's October 2006 New York The George Byers Collection of U. S. Half Dollars, 1795-1964 United States Half Dollars United States Early Half Dollar Groups
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Lot # Description GradeView our Explanation of Comparative Grading Hammer Price
1100 1807 O.102. Draped Bust VG $180.00

Good, with some scratches on the obverse, but nice color; 1808 O.106. Very Good, old cleaning, retoned with peripheral gold; 1809 O.103. Very Good, with similar old cleaning and pleasing gold at the rims. 3 pieces.
1101 1810 O.106 (R-4) VF $325.00

Very Fine and attractive surfaces, light silver-gray with a blush of gold; 1813 O.106a. Very Fine, traces of cleaning and a couple of scuffs on the obverse; 1817 O.113. Very Fine and attractive with lustre in the stars and clean surfaces. A nice group for the collector. 3 pieces.
1102 1814 O.102 CH EF $325.00

Very Fine and light silver-gray with pleasing surfaces, boldly clashed on the reverse; 1818 O.111. Choice Extremely Fine, steel-gray with flecks of gold, and a pair of hidden minor scratches near Liberty's ear; 1829/7 O.102. Very Fine, but small obverse graffiti in the left field, light gray and decent for the grade. 3 pieces.
1103 1817 O.110a EF $400.00

Fine, but there are light scratches in the left obverse field; 1818/7 O.103 (R-3). Extremely Fine, with pleasing color and average surfaces; 1821 O.105. Extremely Fine or nearly so. Medium silver-gray and toned around the rims with russet. 3 pieces.
1104 1818 O.104a (R-3) EF $275.00

Fine obverse, Very Fine reverse. A late die state with an advanced die crack to Liberty's cap, another splits her bust into the field branching through her drapery; 1819 O.115 (R-3). Extremely Fine, with golden lustre and a few faint scratches; 1822 O.113 (R-3). Extremely Fine, but a trifle dull from a past cleaning, medium gray now. An interesting lot. 3 pieces.
1105 1818 O.114a (R-3) VF $140.00

Good, dark gray, adequate wear; 1820 O.108. A strong Good, nice color but a few nicks in the reverse fields; 1835 O.109. A strong Very Fine, a few reverse nicks here too. 3 pieces.
1106 1819 O.115 (R-3) VF $225.00

Wide Date. Fine, but with surface scratches on both sides, and porosity in the left obverse field and a rim nick adjacent to the second star; 1823 O.107. Very Fine, lightly cleaned, retoned with golden hues; 1824/Various Dates. O.103. Very Fine or better. A couple of dark spots, one on the ear, the others below, and pleasing overall. One of the most comical obverse overdates in all of American...  more
1107 1824 O.105 EF $280.00

Extremely Fine, and quite attractive for the toning and surfaces; 1827 O.115. Square Base 2. Extremely Fine and dark steel-gray, another pleasing coin; 1828 O.111 (R-4). Square Base 2, Small 8's. Very Fine, nearly Extremely Fine the only fault are minor hairlines toned over with golden hues and peripheral russet and blue. A desirable lot with three worthy keepers for any collection. 3 pieces.
1108 1824/4 O.109 EF $250.00

Very Fine, although there are some surface scratches spanning Liberty's cap and two stars on the left, fainter scratches on Liberty's bust and a rim nick by the final star; 1825 O.101. Extremely Fine or nearly so, excellent color and decent surfaces; 1826 O.117. Extremely Fine, attractive although minor edge filing is found along the lower right reverse. 3 pieces.
1109 1829 O.108. Small Letters VF $200.00

Very Fine, but a tad dull from a past cleaning, nice surfaces otherwise; 1830 O.101. Small 0. Very Fine or better, but minor hairlines from a past cleaning and now with desirable toning; 1831 O.102. Very Fine and nearly a grade finer, with medium gray surfaces, traces of lustre and good color. 3 pieces.
1110 1830 O.106. Small 0 EF $205.00

Extremely Fine, but there is a short scratch in the left obverse field, excellent toning and attractive; 1832 O.118. A strong Very Fine, nearly Extremely Fine. Dark russet around the devices and we point out a couple of edge cuts near Liberty's bust; 1833 O.101. Very Fine, although a patch of hairlines are noted behind the eagle's head. Russet accents over silver-gray. 3 pieces.
1111 1832 O.119 (R-4) EF $150.00

Very Fine, but there is a dull mark below the '83' which damages the surfaces, dark gray; 1835 O.108 (R-3). Extremely Fine, but with noticeable hairlines from a past cleaning; 1836 Lettered Edge. O.106. A strong Very Fine with light silver surfaces graced with yellow-gold at the rims. Nice surfaces. 3 pieces.
1112 1837 Reeded Edge AB EF $275.00

Very Fine, but very lightly cleaned; 1838 Reeded Edge. About Extremely Fine, but lightly cleaned; 1839 Reeded Edge. A strong Very Fine, nearly Extremely Fine, light steel, but a few scrapes above Liberty's ear, cap and edge above. Bidders have a chance to clean up with this group. 3 pieces.
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