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Stack's Numismatic Publications

Stack's has made major contributions to U.S. and world numismatic literature. At a time when numismatic publishers could be counted on the fingers of one hand, Stack's overcame World War II printing restrictions and paper shortages to bring out the first edition of Howard Rounds Newcomb's United States Copper Cents, 1816-1857. The large-format book was an incredible labor of love crowning a lifetime of numismatic effort by the venerable Newcomb, who hand-lettered more than 280 pages to complete this epic addition to U.S. numismatics.

Some of Stack's Numismatic Publications

Stack's also published Numismatic Review, a respected journal bringing its readers world-class numismatic articles and listings of coins available at fixed prices. Significant numismatic books appearing under this imprint included Harold Mattingly's widely acclaimed 1947 title, The Man in the Roman Street. This study of the world in which Roman coinage was issued included an introduction by a leading American ancient coin specialist and Stack's consultant, Thomas Ollive Mabbott.

Appearing in 1953 was the first major English-language book on the coins of the island empire, Japanese Coinage by Norman Jacobs and Cornelius C. Vermeule. This definitive volume provided a much-needed in-depth exploration of the ancient and recent coins of Japan and her modern empire.

Another major contribution to world numismatics was H.M. Severin's Gold and Platinum Coinage of Imperial Russia from 1701 to 1911, published in 1958. One of the most impressive books of all appeared under the Stack's imprint in 1965, Elvira Clain-Stefanelli's Select Numismatic Bibliography, whose 406 ages and 4,962 entries covered all aspects of ancient, medieval and modern numismatics with a particularly useful in-depth treatment of U.S. subjects.

In the field of popular U.S. numismatics, Stack's offered two best-selling titles written by the late Norman Stack. United States Coins of Value appeared in 28 editions through Dell Books, one of America's largest paperback publishers. Running through several editions was a deluxe hard cover, color-illustrated title in 1986 and running through several subsequent editions was United States Type Coins, an Illustrated History of the Federal Coinage.

Stack's has also published numerous Fixed Price Lists throughout the years, as well as specialized brochures, offering some of the world's greatest numismatic rarities to collectors by private treaty. Among these numismatic rarities have been the famous King of Siam Proof Set, the 1783 Nova Constellation Pattern Coinage Set, the Parmelee- Zabriskie-Yale University Brasher Doubloon, and the excessively rare 1855 Kellogg $50.00 Gold piece.

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