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Stack's Searching Hints

The search offered here is a simple text search of the category headings, lot/item numbers, item descriptions, and grades.

The search results will include all items that contain ANY of the search terms in your search. For example, a search for "Gem Brilliant Uncirculated" will bring up all descriptions that include the word "Gem", "Brilliant", or "Uncirculated".

The use of quotation marks, asterisks, and Boolean logic ("and/or/not") is not supported for this search.

To search for specific dates, enter the date with any mintmark directly to the right of the date. For example, the search term "1916D" will find all coins with this exact date-mintmark combination. Also, the search term "1916" will find only coins with a date of 1916, without a mintmark.

Please close this window when finished.

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