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Stack's/Coin Galleries Grading Policy

For uncirculated coins, Stack's/Coin Galleries uses what is called Comparative Grading Language. The rough equivalents of these comparative grades to the MS scale are as follows:

Brilliant Uncirculated is at least MS-60 and means that it is probable that the coin has not entered general circulation; the coin may have heavy contact marks, noticeable hairlines and have original luster (or be impaired). It is the lowest state of preservation of uncirculated coins.

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated is at least MS-63, which means that it has more attractive eye appeal than an MS-60, may have original or slightly impaired luster, may have a few scattered hairlines or even a small patch of hairlines; and may have some distracting contact marks in the field or design.

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated is at least MS-65 and has very pleasing eye appeal (more so than an MS-63) and full lustre. It may have a few scattered hairlines and may also have a minimal number of contact marks. Scuffmarks may show.

It should be understood by all that grading is a subjective art and that others may differ from these interpretations.

Stack's/Coin Galleries does not represent that any coin catalogued will meet the standards, or the grade, of any third party or third party grading service.

A Note About Slabbed / Certified Coins

Not all coins in our auctions have been graded by third-party grading services.

Some lots in our auctions have been graded and encapsulated in a grading service's "slab". These lots will have their grade and grading service so noted within the lot description.

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